MG  Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex 1/100

    MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex 1/100

    $199.99 CAD
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    Unicorn has had some extravagant model releases, but this one tops them all!


    ■ Featuring an incredible amount of stunning metallic plating as well as the full Unicorn arsenal and two Armed Armor DEs, this kit will leave nothing out.

    ■ The unique horn on the head is recreated with the new molded parts.

    ■ Movable type for action scenes and holding type for display are included.

    ■ By unfolding the armor, it can be transformed from Unicorn mode into Destroy mode. The overall height of Destroy mode is higher than Unicorn mode.

    ■ The main armor, "Beam Magnum," two shields and a bazooka are included. Weapons are interchangeable.

    ■ The armed armor can be extended. Psycho Frame emerges when they are deployed.


    ■ This highly detailed and articulated snap-fit kit is molded in multiple colors, including gleaming gold!

    ■ Stickers are included for decoration.


    Runner x27, Color sticker x1, Slide mark x1, Instruction manual x1