MG RMS-099 Rick Dias Quatro Use 1/100
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    MG RMS-099 Rick Dias Quatro Use 1/100

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    The Master Grade Rick-Dias has been hugely popular, and here's its fantastic follow-up: the red version piloted by not-quite-incognito Char Aznable -- er, we mean, Quattro Vageena!


    ■ Beautifully molded in full color and with snap-fit assembly, it's got all the detail and posability we've come to expect from a Master Grade kit.

    ■ Made up of about 191 parts, plus polycaps; rub-on transfers and stickers are included for super detail.

    ■ No metal parts or screws, unusual for a Master Grade kit, but this just keeps it easier to build.

    ■ Individually jointed fingers, a cockpit that opens and closes, and lots of weaponry -- this kit is a dream for any fan who shares Quattro/Char's fondness for kick-butt crimson 'bots.


    Grab yours before they're gone!