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RE 1/100 Gundam MK-III
RE 1/100 Gundam MK-III
RE 1/100 Gundam MK-III
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    RE 1/100 Gundam MK-III

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    The Gundam Mk-III appears from "le Suit Z Gundam MSV" for the second RE / 100. 
    Sharp modeling comparable to MG and a high-detail appearance scattered throughout the body to fully bring out the attraction of MS. 
    With frameless construction, sophisticated parts composition that made it possible to combine movable and modeling greatly reduces production time. 
    By adopting a newly designed poly cap, movable functions are consolidated into three types.
    Backpack beam cannon is swingable back and forth. 
    In addition to Beam · Rifle, Beam · Saber, Shield, Energy PAC, weapons hands and sliding parts are also included. 
    Molded product 9, foil seal 1, Tetoron seal 1, assembly instruction 11 o