RE/100 Efreet Custom 1/100
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    RE/100 Efreet Custom 1/100

    $58.99 CAD

    Bandai’s newest release for the RE/100 line is the Efreet Custom!  The Efreet Custom was a Principality of Zeon mobile suit designed and built during the one Year War as seen in the “Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny” video game.  


    ■ Refined parts structure unique to the RE / 100 series and a high-detail appearance, realizing high actionality while achieving a simple joint structure, attractiveness of MS is fully drawn out. 

    ■ Characteristic heat · saber is reproduced with clear parts, it can also be worn on backpack! 

    ■ Six-unit missile pod can be angle-adjusted with detachable type with poly cap and shaft!


    This kit comes molded in multiple colors and features a snap-fit construction.  This fantastic-looking mobile suit is a must for fans of Zeon mobile suits!