HG00 #018 GN-X 1/144
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    HG00 #018 GN-X 1/144

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    Utilized by the UN Forces, this mecha was designed after a leak of data from Celestial Being allowing the manufacture of solar furnace:


    ■ These mecha are usually used en masse and contain the same GN drive as a Gundam Throne, and thus can stand up to a Gundam.

    ■ A relatively simple kit, this HG GN-X is good for beginning modelers.

    ■ The instructions are simple and easy to understand, and the pieces are molded in color and snap together, so you can complete the model without glue or paint.

    ■ Stickers are included for the purple sections.

    ■ For best durability and appearance, gluing and painting are possible. Multiple armaments are included to be modeled, including a beam rifle, as well as a longer barrel attachment, shield, and two swords.

    ■ Interchangeable hands allow for swapping of weapons after completion.