HG EVA-01 Test Type F Type
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    HG EVA-01 Test Type F Type

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    Gainax, the creators of Evangelion, are milking the show for all it's worth in this year's "revival" push, and Bandai is producing a new PlayStation 2 video game of the characters and machines from that unique universe. The video game's main machine, the purple Evangelion prototype, appears in a new incarnation, and Bandai has wasted no time producing a model kit of it:


    �EE�EE  Molded all in color and featuring snap-fit construction as well as movable joints (its mouth even opens and closes), you'll have it posing on your desk in no time!

    �EE�EE  Included weapons are the Progressive Dagger, A.W. Mastema, and Dual Saw.

    �EE�EE  A holster for the Dagger is included as is the umbilical cable (with wire for the cable), and an entry plug.

    �EE�EE  Two unpainted figures of Rei and Asuka in school uniforms are included as a special bonus!