HG #06 Valdier The 13th Angel
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    HG #06 Valdier The 13th Angel

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    Here's the "13th Angel" (a.k.a. "Bardiel") version of Bandai's LM-HG EVA-03 kit as depicted in blood-spattered episode 18 of Evangelion: 


    �EE�EE  The unique arm parts with soft-rubber encased working elbows featured in the other LM-HG kits have been removed from this version of EVA-03 and replaced with the long versions seen here.

    �EE�EE  These don't have working elbow joints, but are molded in soft PVC and can be bent easily to the desired angle after warming them in hot water.

    �EE�EE  Also includes a special part to represent that contamination glop that covers the entry plug port on the machine's back.

    �EE�EE  In all other respects, the kit is identical to the standard LM-HG EVA-03, except that it includes figures of Ibuki Maya and Pen-Pen instead of Touji and Kaoru.