HGUC #160 Doven Wolf (Unicorn Ver.) 1/144
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    HGUC #160 Doven Wolf (Unicorn Ver.) 1/144

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    Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn's recolored Doven Wolf joins the HGUC lineup! Updated from its appearance in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, MS Gundam UC Bande Dessinee's Doven Wolf features Sleeves' signature chest and forearm engraving. A more powerful-feeling kit than your average HG, this kit is loaded with gimmicks: 


    ■ Mega Launcher connects to the the body turret for firing mode, and can transform into Beam Rifle form.

    ■ INCOM units extend on wire leads, and feature dedicated stands! 

    ■ Commander-type's hidden arms can be exposed. 

    ■ Backpack can store large missile, and features deployment gimmick.

    ■ The Quasi-Psycommu MS developed for the First Neo Zeon War, the AMX-014 Doven Wolf is once again deployed by the Sleeves! 

    ■ A highly detailed and articulated snapfit kit molded in multiple colors, with stickers for decoration. 


    Accessories: Mega Launcher, Hidden Arm x2, Anti-Ship Missile Large x2, Beam Saber x2,

    INCOM Unit x2, INCOM Display Stand x2, Grip Manipulator (Left, Right), Open Palm (Left, Right), Rifle Manipulator

    Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 9.3 cm / 483g