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We’ve been working on this for a really long time and we are so excited to announce that it’s finally ready!

Panda Rewards is one of the ways that Panda Hobby can thank our loyal customers for supporting our shop. With each purchase, our customers can collect points which can be redeemed for awesome rewards. These rewards ranges from specially made items to unique trinkets you cannot purchase.


Start earning points with every purchase online or in-store by using the same email to create an online account on our website and provide the email in-store. Be sure to use to the same email to collect your points both online and in-store.



Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend online or in-store. Be sure to check Panda Rewards often to see other ways to earn points.



Redeem your points for free stuff! Rewards ranges from free kits to rare items found in Japan.


Panda Rewards???
The Panda Rewards Program is finally here! Collect points each time you make a purchase with us. These points go towards redeeming free rewards!
How do I create an account?

Mobile: In the menu at the top of the page click on the person. Click “Register”. Use the same email you normally use in-store to register for your account.

Desktop: Look for the “Register” button at the top right-hand side of the page. Use the same email you normally use in-store to register for your account.

I used a different email for in store and online, what can I do?

We can change your in-store email address to the same email address as your online account. Just send us an email! We can only accept requests to link accounts over email.

Can I have more than one account?

No. Limit one account per person, duplicate accounts are not be eligible for points redemption.

Can I transfer points between accounts?

No. Because we give away bonus points, we cannot allow the transfer of points between accounts.

Earning Points

How do I earn points?
You earn points for every purchase you make both in-store and online. Just make sure you use the same email so it goes to the same account. If you login to your account online you can see the list of things you can do to earn bonus points.
Can I earn points in store and online?
Yes! Use the same email in-store and online, it’s that easy!
How do I see my points balance?
Sign into your account and click on the bubble with the gift box at the lower left-hand corner.

Redeeming Points

What rewards can I choose from?
The rewards you can redeem will change based on availability. We are aiming to keep it stocked with Panda & Japan goodies. You can view what rewards are available for redemption on the Rewards page.
How can I redeem points?
Click the Panda Rewards button (that little gift box bubble on the bottom left) and you will be able to see all the rewards you can redeem. When you have earned enough points to redeem click on the big redeem button. You will get a code to apply during checkout. Make sure to add it!
Don't click redeem if you don't want to redeem it!
If you click the redeem button, it will redeem your points!