Not Your Average Hobby Store! 

Build Room 

Panda Hobby - Build Room
Equipped with 3 TVs, PS3, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and tables and chairs for over 20 builders. Enjoy episodes of your favourite anime series while building alongside your fellow Gunpla enthusiasts!

Paint Room

Panda Hobby - Paint Room

Equipped with 6 booths and fully ventilated. Great for those without their own home set up!

Build Room & Paint Room Rates


Why do I need a Build Room Pass for the Paint Room?
The only things allowed in the paint room is your paint supplies and what you are painting. Your belongings must be left in the Build Room or lockers. The Build Room is where you would prepare to paint, and wait for your project to dry. The Paint Room is not meant for items such as bags, coats, etc. Accidents can happen! Too much clutter may cause tripping or spillage and no one wants that.
What do I need to come in to paint?
You will need to bring:
Gloves (unless you like to have paint on your hands)
Things you can bring but can buy in the store:
Airbrush (Buy or Rent)
Model Kit
Tool Cleaner - must have to clean your airbrush after use
Paint dish (to mix paint) - Popular Paint Tray
Paint stick (to hold the parts to paint) - See More
Paint stick holder (to put the parts down to dry) - See More