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Maste Slicer V
Maste Slicer V
Maste Slicer V
Maste Slicer V
Maste Slicer V
Maste Slicer V

    Maste Slicer V

    $29.99 CAD
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    Maste Slicer VMasking is necessary to paint the colors of the assembled plastic model neatly, but it takes a lot of time and effort to cut a large amount of masking tape to fill the gaps between elongated lines, complicated patterns, and curves. I will end up.[Maste Slicer V] is a compact cutter that can make multiple shredded masking tapes at the same time with up to 5 blades by utilizing the replacement blade (6 mm width) of a commercially available design knife. By using the attached cutter mat with slider, you can easily and in large quantities cut out the masking tape without getting it dirty.
    By setting a commercially available spare blade for design knives with a blade width of 6 mm (sold separately) at the same time, it is possible to create multiple shredded tapes at once.
    Since the number of blades to be attached can be changed up to 5, it is possible to make tapes with a minimum width of 1 mm and a maximum width of 4 mm.
    Also, if you use two spare blades, you can cut out curved masking tape and plastic plate. It also supports hologram sheets and colored cutting sheets, so you can enjoy decoration without painting.
    You can make a lot of fine masking tape according to your needs by cutting the shredded tape vertically using the attached cutter mat with slider. Since masking tape with a minimum size of 1 mm x 1 mm can be created, precise masking such as curve masking gap assistance and digital camouflage is possible.
    The cutter has a grip that fits in the palm of your hand and can be held relatively, making it easier to apply force to the cutting edge. The tip is designed with a special shape, and if the cutter is brought into close contact with the floor surface, the masking tape can be cut neatly at the optimum angle.
    Since the distance between the blades is fixed by the metal blade of the mounting part, the distance between the blades is hard to shake and a certain width can be cut neatly. After use, you can store it safely by tightening the special protective cap.
    The size is specialized for the area where the masking tape is cut out, so it is compact and does not take up space. To make fine masking tape, move the vertical cutting slider horizontally and cut the finely cut masking tape vertically. Simply remove the cut out masking tape together with the cutter mat, and you can immediately start the next masking work. There are a total of 4 places to cut the masking tape, including the top and bottom of the front and back, so if the area to be cut is damaged, you can use it for a long time by turning the cutter mat upside down or turning it over.
    Product Specifications
    Dedicated cutter: Approximately 120 x 20 x 15 mm
    Cutter mat with slider: Approximately 112 x 61 x 10 mm
    Cutter mat: Approximately 100 x 50 x 2 mm
    Dedicated cutter x 1
    Cutter mat with slider x 1